Recent Adventures

Exploring Lava Tubes in Iceland

The darkness was absolute. I squinted, trying to find some hint of light, something to ease the small, instinctual thrill of terror that comes along with abrupt, total blindness. I knew I was safe, yet I reached over, finding Tara’s hand, squeezing it for reassurance. Deprived of sight, other senses opened up to me. I […]
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The Absolute Best Citizen Science Adventures

What is citizen science? Why is it important? And what does it have to do with travel? Jessi and I are big supporters of the idea that every journey can be a learning experience, and for us, that includes being involved in things like citizen science, whether at home or abroad. Citizen science is the […]
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Geeking Out at Meteor Crater, Arizona [GUEST POST]

Over the past year and a half, Outbound Adventurer has had a number of influences, but none has been quite so consistent, or quite so motivating, as that of Marie Parks of Ardent Camper. Over the years she’s stepped into a variety of roles, from hiking buddy to cheerleader to geeky enthusiast. As a full-time RVer […]
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Transcending the Language Barrier: Icelandic Edition

The absurdly magical language of Iceland. I sat in the back of the cab and gave the driver a smile. “Hvað segir þu?” kvath sekhir-u? ‘How are you?’–literally, ‘what say you?’ “You sound like you’re from Sweden, when you say it like that,” said the cab driver, in perfect English. Did I? I wasn’t sure just […]
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Visiting Oak Alley Plantation

For a Cleveland girl like me, raised in the skeletal shadows of factories that echo of the Industrial Revolution, being on a southern plantation is a bit like stepping into an alien world. Growing up, I read about the languid Mississippi River and how it breathed life into the southern region. In history class I […]
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An Introvert’s Guide to Conferences

Conferences are exhausting for introverts. Don’t get me wrong — they’re great. I love them. It’s an environment full of energy, full of people, and full of possibility. The networking opportunities are endless, and there are typically workshops, exhibitors, and events going on from the early hours of the morning until well into the night. There’s […]
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