Recent Adventures

Gulf Coast Road Trip Itinerary

Being from the north, I admittedly came to the south with preconceptions. And for us northerners, the preconceptions surrounding the Gulf Coast aren’t always good ones. For people who haven’t visited, it might bring to mind devastating hurricanes like Katrina, environmental disasters like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, or overwhelmingly oppressive heat and humidity. Beyond that, there’s […]
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Driving the Golden Circle in Iceland

As a big fan of road trips, I was excited to see what Iceland’s famed Golden Circle had to offer us. I’ve been on some spectacular drives in the past, including the jaw-dropping Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, and I wanted to see if Iceland matched up. Let’s start with the obvious: The drive is so popular […]
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Exploring Lava Tubes in Iceland

The darkness was absolute. I squinted, trying to find some hint of light, something to ease the small, instinctual thrill of terror that comes along with abrupt, total blindness. I knew I was safe, yet I reached over, finding Tara’s hand, squeezing it for reassurance. Deprived of sight, other senses opened up to me. I […]
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The Absolute Best Citizen Science Adventures

What is citizen science? Why is it important? And what does it have to do with travel? Jessi and I are big supporters of the idea that every journey can be a learning experience, and for us, that includes being involved in things like citizen science, whether at home or abroad. Citizen science is the […]
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Geeking Out at Meteor Crater, Arizona [GUEST POST]

Over the past year and a half, Outbound Adventurer has had a number of influences, but none has been quite so consistent, or quite so motivating, as that of Marie Parks of Ardent Camper. Over the years she’s stepped into a variety of roles, from hiking buddy to cheerleader to geeky enthusiast. As a full-time RVer […]
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