Recent Adventures

The Best of Slovenia with Roundabout Tours [Review]

Exploring an Alpine heaven in Slovenia with Roundabout Tours. Sundays are a serious business in Slovenia. A largely Catholic country, Slovenian shops shut down on Sundays. Businesses are shuttered in honor of a day of rest. Only a few bars and a couple really big groceries stay open in service of the last minute Sunday […]
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Book Review: Prehistoric Predators by Brian Switek

When you think of a prehistoric predator, what image jumps immediately to your mind? Maybe your first thought is of the tyrant reptile king, Tyrannosaurus rex. Perhaps in light of the recent Jurassic World phenomenon, your mind goes straight to a pack of well-trained Velociraptor. You might even think of the true Velociraptor, the small and feathery reality to Hollywood’s […]
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Visiting White Sands National Monument

The various deserts that make up the Southwestern United States are starkly beautiful, almost alien. They are full of striking rock formations, mountain islands, and a mixture of plants and animals uniquely adapted to their barren surroundings. My first experience with the Chihuahuan Desert in particular was last year, when I visited Big Bend National […]
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5 Los Angeles Misconceptions

I don’t like big cities. They’re crowded, congested, smoggy, inflicted with concrete urban sprawl like a parasitic blight. But if that turns you off from this post, please, keep reading. I’ve gone from living in Boston and Denver, two mid-sized cities with varying degrees of traffic and congestion, to Houston, the United States’ fourth largest […]
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Exploring Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

A Photographic Journey through Ponte Vedra Beach or mountains? I’ve always been a mountains person myself, but even I can’t deny the pull of sandy beaches and salt air sometimes. When I visit the mountains I spend a lot of time climbing, hiking, and exploring. I am constantly in motion. When I visit the beach […]
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Gulf Coast Road Trip Itinerary

Being from the north, I admittedly came to the south with preconceptions. And for us northerners, the preconceptions surrounding the Gulf Coast aren’t always good ones. For people who haven’t visited, it might bring to mind devastating hurricanes like Katrina, environmental disasters like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, or overwhelmingly oppressive heat and humidity. Beyond that, there’s […]
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Driving the Golden Circle in Iceland

As a big fan of road trips, I was excited to see what Iceland’s famed Golden Circle had to offer us. I’ve been on some spectacular drives in the past, including the jaw-dropping Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, and I wanted to see if Iceland matched up. Let’s start with the obvious: The drive is so popular […]
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