Recent Adventures

Downsizing 101: 5 Tips for Clearing Clutter

Three years ago I was living in a two-story townhouse. One year ago I lived in a one-story ranch. Last month I was making do with a single bedroom in an apartment. Today, every single one of my belongings fits in my two-door Toyota Echo. It wasn’t easy. I’ve been a bit of a hoarder […]
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Affordable Croatia: Dubrovnik on a Dime

Sitting on the edge of the dock, toes dangling in the cool Adriatic Sea, I could not think of any place I would rather be than the outskirts of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was a perfect July evening and, far from the crowds of the Old Town, Tara and I were able to enjoy it in […]
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Why I Don’t Travel Solo

Everywhere you turn these days people are talking about solo travel, particularly solo female travel. It’s become the ultimate symbol of empowerment. By traveling solo you’re basically telling the world that you’re self-sufficient, that you’re capable of achieving your dreams, and that you’re not going to let anything hold you back. Which is great. Really, it is. […]
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Preparing for Location Independence: 5 Lessons Learned

Once you dip your toe into the waters of location independence it can be hard to resist its current. There are so many stories flitting around the internet, so many blogs of successful nomads who have made their dream a reality, and so many courses, ebooks, webinars, and mastermind groups offering you the solution. I have a […]
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The Best of Slovenia with Roundabout Tours [Review]

Exploring an Alpine heaven in Slovenia with Roundabout Tours. Sundays are a serious business in Slovenia. A largely Catholic country, Slovenian shops shut down on Sundays. Businesses are shuttered in honor of a day of rest. Only a few bars and a couple really big groceries stay open in service of the last minute Sunday […]
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Book Review: Prehistoric Predators by Brian Switek

When you think of a prehistoric predator, what image jumps immediately to your mind? Maybe your first thought is of the tyrant reptile king, Tyrannosaurus rex. Perhaps in light of the recent Jurassic World phenomenon, your mind goes straight to a pack of well-trained Velociraptor. You might even think of the true Velociraptor, the small and feathery reality to Hollywood’s […]
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Visiting White Sands National Monument

The various deserts that make up the Southwestern United States are starkly beautiful, almost alien. They are full of striking rock formations, mountain islands, and a mixture of plants and animals uniquely adapted to their barren surroundings. My first experience with the Chihuahuan Desert in particular was last year, when I visited Big Bend National […]
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5 Los Angeles Misconceptions

I don’t like big cities. They’re crowded, congested, smoggy, inflicted with concrete urban sprawl like a parasitic blight. But if that turns you off from this post, please, keep reading. I’ve gone from living in Boston and Denver, two mid-sized cities with varying degrees of traffic and congestion, to Houston, the United States’ fourth largest […]
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