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 Happy National Fossil Day!

National Fossil Day was established in 2010 to celebrate fossil research and education in the United States.

In honor of this most joyous of days, here are five incredible, enlightening fossil blogs for you to peruse.

Laelaps in battle, a famous painting by Charles Knight. Image Wikimedia Commons.
Laelaps in battle, a famous painting by Charles Knight. Image Wikimedia Commons.


Accessible, Tasty Dollops of Science Information

The blogs below are accessible, readable even without a strong science background, and utterly, utterly fascinating. That makes them tasty!


Brian Switek’s National Geographic blog, Laelaps, is a chock full of awesome little articles that really open the doors to scientific literacy for lots of folks. I’m an especially big fan of this blog for its ability to win over reluctant high school biology students. A favorite post is on the evolution of sex, including a shout-out to Materpiscis, or “mother-fish” in Latin. This early armored beastie, known as a placoderm, may also have been one of the first creatures to develop internal fertilization. The word Laelaps comes from an old name for the agile, carnivorous dinosaur we now call Dryptosaurus.

Emily Willoughby Scientific Illustration

Our friend Emily has a super blog and website of scientific illustration, particularly paleontological artwork–also known as paleoart. Do your eyeballs a favor and check out her keen science as well as her beautiful and scientifically meticulous art.

Hardcore Science Nerditude

These blogs aren’t shy about scientific jargon, and for good reason. They are written and read by professional paleontologists and part-time bloggers, with a specific slant on the research side of paleontology.

The Integrated Paleontologists

Our paleontologist and education colleague Andrew Farke at the Raymond Alf Museum, along with his research colleagues Shaena Montanari and Sarah Werning, host this great blog on the real science behind paleontology. The science is technical, but the posts are super engaging and enlightening. Ever wonder what makes a vertebrate paleontologist weep with joy? This blog is housed on the website for a series of major academic journals known as PLOS–the Public Library of Science.

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center

Our colleague Anthony Maltese at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center blogs about the ins-and-outs of fossil excavation, the cleaning and preparation of fossils, and just how fossils get to be put out on display. The story of how this Avaceratops went from scattered bones to a beautiful display and research specimen is pretty astounding.


People Who Just Darn Love Paleontology

The header says it all–check out these enthusiasts who may not have a paleontology or museum degree, but are nevertheless head-over-heels for the science of ancient living things.

Dinosaur Boy

This young man is a big fan of paleontology, and we’re so pleased to feature him here!

Did you know National Fossil Day existed? What is your favorite fossil or extinct organism? Support your local fossil resources and, of course, your local science museums!


Bathrooms around the world
Fall Foliage: A Pumpkin Spiced Post