A Second Look: 5 Places Worth Revisiting

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Places worth revisiting

As travelers who also hold down full time jobs, our trips are never quite long enough. This means that every time we go somewhere new, we catch ourselves saying that we can’t wait to go back and explore more.

We tend to say this no matter where we go, but some locations call to us more profoundly than others. There are certain places that set root, deep inside of you, and even after you’ve moved on physically you can still feel its pull. These are places worth revisiting, worth returning to even if there are still items left unchecked on your bucket list.

Fellow travel bloggers and Weekend Wanderlust hosts Justin plus Lauren have nominated us to choose our top 5 destinations to revisit, which has given us an opportunity to contemplate these places. Honestly, it was difficult to choose, but this world is vast and we can’t revisit every place we’ve been. With that in mind, we tried to think about which places have had the most lasting impact on us.

After some agonizing, we’ve managed to narrow it down to five.

Here’s our list, in no particular order:

Paris, France

Paris, France

Jessi: My first and only trip to Paris was an absolute whirlwind. I had exactly two and a half days to explore the massive city, and almost no time to prepare. Even more daunting, this was my first time to Europe. I loved the city, and I loved exploring, especially the creepy Paris catacombs, but I barely had time to adjust and get my feet under me before it was time to turn around and head home. With only time to hit the highlights, I feel like there is much this city has yet to reveal to me. I would love to return and spend more time in areas like Montmartre, and explore the city’s many nooks and crannies.


Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico

Jessi: I’ve been to Cozumel at least four times, but I still only feel as though I’ve scratched the surface of the Yucatan peninsula. Growing up, my family often turned to cruises for vacations, and Cozumel was a popular port-of-call. The nature of cruises, though, is that any visit is short and superficial. There is so much I still want to see in Mexico. As a teenager at the whims of my parents, I was unable to get out and explore much in the past. I have my sites set on cenote cave diving, some serious snorkeling sessions, and exploring Maya ruins throughout the region.



Sicily, Italy

Tara: Okay, so maybe it’s not fair to pick an entire island as a choice, but Sicily is a place in which you need a lifetime to truly explore it all. I’ve only visited once, and I traveled around this Mediterranean jewel’s perimeter–from the ancient and urban sprawl of Palermo to the Greek temples at Agrigento, around to eastern coastal cities like Siracusa, Catania and Messina. I want to go back and explore the interior of the island, to spend time at one of the many farming and agritourism villas, and to just get lost in the food, the culture, and the people. Sicily has been conquered by so many people that it is truly a one-of-a-kind amalgamation of historical flair.


Tokyo, Japan


Tara: I only spent a couple of days in Tokyo, but there is no other city I’ve experienced that has left me more breathless. Never have I seen so many skyscrapers in one place, all around, as far as the eye can see, with Mount Fuji in the foggy distance. In the middle of Japan’s largest city there are also places of peaceful serenity, like the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. I want to return and take in a kabuki play, visit the Tsukiji fish market, and witness the organized chaos of Shibuya Crossing. And hell, I wouldn’t say no to some more Japanese curry or fresh sushi.


Untitled design (1)

Again, probably not fair to claim an entire country, but both of us fell in love with the little bit that we did see, and would love to return to explore more thoroughly. We’ve spent some time in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, and everything we’ve seen of the country has been amazing – particularly its national parks, Plitvice and Mljet. Not to mention, we’re addicted to the amazing food of the Balkans . On our next trip we want to make our way to the Istria region and maybe even do a cruise along the coastline. There’s a whole lot of country left to cover, and we’d love a chance to practice speaking Hrvatski some more!

Where would you revisit?

We would like to challenge you to think about which five places you would love to revisit once, twice, or perhaps even a hundred times. What locations around the world have really resonated with you and call you back, no matter how many times you’ve been?

Let us know in the comments!

Making the Most of Rome
Ancient texts and modern context: the ancient languages of Europe
  • I’ve visited Paris many times, but it’s never enough…same goes for London…I’ve been there 14 times and every time I like to revisit my “favorites” and don’t explore new places (although I must admit I’ve covered most of London in any case). I’d like to revisit Berlin as it’s over 10 years that I visited, as well as Madrid where I had a few hours there due to a layover!