Staycations and local travel

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The Traveling Mindset: Get Out and Go

Sometimes traveling far and wide simply isn’t an option. Luckily, there are many ways to maintain a travel mindset without hopping on a plane. “Travel where you are” is a specific type of travel mindset that encourages people to consider every trip outside heir front door a vacation.

I know, your front yard isn’t very exciting.

Try going a tiny bit further. Better?

What about the nearest city? Park? Theater?

When people from out of town come to visit, what do they like to do?

By starting local and adopting the mindset of traveling where you already are (staycations, if you will), adventure becomes cheap and convenient.

Consider the following budget-friendly, more local options:

Take a road trip


Driving can be cheaper than flying and is full of possibilities. The roads are full of local historical sights and tourist attractions, if you know where to look. Purchase a road map that includes points of interest, and take the less direct route. Remember: the journey is just as important as the destination! Check out all of our road trip posts — we’ve got quite a few!

Go camping

Lunch break!

While many people seem to see camping as an activity strictly for the outdoorsy, it’s actually a fantastic way to travel on a budget. Some areas offer campsites as low as $10 a night per tent site, or $40 a night per RV site. Even cabins, complete with beds and bathrooms, can be cheaper than many hotels at around $80 a night.

For child-friendly campgrounds, look for KOA or Jellystone. Both offer reasonable rates, plenty of activities for the kids, and are all over the United States. Nearby state or national parks are other great options. There are some fantastic state parks in Texas, many of which are within a three hour drive of Houston.

Become a local expert

Every city and town has its own local treasures. Often times it is easy to forget what is right around the corner. Most larger cities have local tourism offices with brochures of local suggestions. Pick one up and begin going through the list. Visit local music venues, restaurants, and go sightseeing. Learn the local history and see if there are any particularly fun or quirky stories about the town. The Houston area offers an entire webpage dedicated to tourism, which is a great starting point.

Find the parks

Beyond the dunes everything is desert and mountains.

Parks are cheap (often free) and usually have a ton of activities. Whether it’s hiking trails, tennis courts, playgrounds, or local fairs and farmers markets, parks tend to be a hub of local activity, and are a great alternative to expensive theme parks or attractions.

It’s easy to travel where you are and find adventures wherever you go. Taking advantage of local events and budget options can make travel more affordable and more frequent, because the travel time ceases to be a consideration.

Adventures don’t have to involve skiing the Alps or climbing Mount Everest. It could be as simple as exploring a new part of town, or signing up for a new class. True adventure is never out of reach!

Visiting Texas Hill Country: Canyon Lakeview Resort Review
The Traveling Mindset: Get Out and Go