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Note: Here at Outbound Adventurer, we’re always looking for cheap alternatives to the traditional vacation. It’s why we tend to lodge through Airbnb and Travelocity and fly discount airlines like Frontier and Wow Air. Recently, Russell Hryvnak from Sundance Vacations approached us with a whole new take on making trips affordable, particularly for American families. They generously agreed to share their take on the concept of booking “bulk vacations.” It’s a really interesting idea that we hadn’t considered before, and we felt it was worth passing the idea along to our readers!

Buying Vacations In Bulk

We Americans have a habit of buying in bulk.  With Sam’s Club and Costco memberships in hand our goal is to save money on the items we buy and use frequently.

Many products have different prices depending on your place of purchase.  For example, if you get thirsty at your favorite amusement park you may pay more than $4 for a Coke or Pepsi to quench your thirst.  Convenient vending machines may charge $2 for the same product.  But, if you know you are throwing a family party you might purchase a case of Coke or Pepsi for about $0.33 a can.  It’s the same product in every instance, but the price point is best when you buy a full case.

With the economy forcing average families to tighten their fiscal belts and squeeze the most out of every penny, it seems that no matter what the product is, consumers are looking for ways to save money and stretch their dollars.

Introducing: Vacations in bulk

Our company, Sundance Vacations, has applied this idea of buying in bulk to vacations.  If you know that you take a vacation, or several vacations, every year why not save money by buying them in bulk rather than one at a time?

Not unlike discount retailers, we use the buying power of our tens of thousands of travelers and our expertise from over 25 years in business to negotiate the best vacation rates and pass those savings on to our travelers.  Our clients experience the same product, like the Coke and Pepsi example, but they save money over booking retail one at a time.

An alternative to the traditional hotel experience

When people decide to take a vacation there are a number of things that go into the planning of the trip.  Most importantly, where you are going to stay.  Even if you stayed at a chain hotel, on the lower end of the scale, you are still looking at upwards of $70 per night.  These hotel rooms include very little space and often times make for a difficult dynamic for families that travel.  If you spring for the extra room, to avoid cramped space, now you are already looking at a price of $140 a night.

For a week’s worth of vacation in two low-end hotel rooms, you are looking at near $1000 on just accommodations.   It’s crazy to think that there is more to add to that, but then take into account transportation like rental cars, food, entertainment and souvenirs and you are setting yourself back quite a bit, just to get away from it all for a week.

With wholesale vacations, travelers can lock in a much cheaper price and experience a lot better quality accommodation.   For example, Sundance Vacations offers resort quality destinations, meaning more than just your average hotel room.  Vacationers would have the benefit of using their own kitchen, a large living space and more.  This way you can spread out and relax, you don’t have to worry about being crowded and in most cases, wouldn’t have to spring for that extra room.  This allows the wholesale traveler to save big on accommodations, allowing them to have more money for the fun stuff while on vacation.

More flexible than a timeshare

Another popular way to vacation, other than buying them retail, is through the use of a timeshare.  This is when a traveler buys a week every year in the same place.  In the long run it may be more affordable than retail vacationing, but the traveler is then locked into that location.  For the people who like to see and experience new places, this would be a dreadful fate.

Meanwhile, the wholesale vacationer can experience a number of different destinations.  The selection is as varied as the travelers themselves; if it’s mountains you are into, beaches, amusement parks or anything else, you can be sure there is somewhere for you to travel.

No matter how you look at it, wholesale vacationing can be a great way to save money as a traveler.  Buying vacations in bulk, similar to the soda reference used above, can help you to secure a cheaper rate on accommodations, locking in a price that will not go up over time.

It seems that lately everything is to be going up in price.  This is one way that you can ensure the price of something stays at the same, affordable, low rate.

Travel is about experiencing new and interesting places that you have never been, spending time together with the ones you care about most and creating long-lasting memories that stand the test of time.  Wholesale vacationing allows travelers to get the most for their money, allowing for more vacations.  This means more sunsets, more sandcastles, more hiking, more relaxing and more of whatever it is that you like to do on vacation.

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Note: Outbound Adventurer received no compensation for this post, and the opinions and information expressed therein are entirely the property of Sundance Vacations. If you would like to learn more, please connect with them through their website or social media outlets – and if you have a good experience with bulk vacations, be sure to let us know!




An Introvert's Guide to Conferences
How to Afford Part-Time Travel: Blogger Tips & Tricks
  • I think that many people would be interested in this if it means traveling more and saving money! I’m down!