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The Texas Hill Country is one of the most popular areas in the state to visit. The large swath of land that makes up Hill Country sits north of San Antonio and east of Austin. It’s a big area, encompassing twenty-five counties total.

With such a large area, it can be hard to figure out where, exactly, you want to go. New Braunfels and San Marcos are popular, but if you want access to these bigger towns while experiencing some quiet, rustic charm, I recommend Canyon Lake. It’s well-located, but still quiet, and offers plenty of activities.


If you’re looking for a Canyon Lake hotel, I recommend the Canyon Lakeview Resort. On its own, this place can be a bit expensive ($165 – $250 a night), but they occasionally run deals on Groupon that lower the rates significantly. When I visited I spent $195 for two nights of lodging as well as a wine tasting at a nearby winery.


Visiting the Canyon Lakeview Resort

While the summer months can be busy, the Canyon Lakeview Resort is situated just far enough out of the way that it retains a sense of relative isolation. There are a number of different lodges, and visitors have a choice of staying in a suite or a cabin. All of the lodging options include a full kitchen, which is a definite advantage when looking to save money.

The cabins can hold as many as ten people, which makes this a great option for group trips. Since I was not in a large group, I opted for one of the lodge suites, which was still plenty large. It included the full kitchen, a living room, indoor dining area, bedroom with king bed, and a shared outdoor patio space.

Not too shabby.

Here are a few images from our suite. Please excuse the picture quality, I only had my phone on-hand!




Streamlined, Keyless Entry

I know a lot of hotels are moving this direction, but being the introvert I am, I just loved the fact that I didn’t need to actually talk to anyone to check in. The Canyon Lake Resort was my first experience with keyless entry, and I loved it.

The day of my arrival I received a text message, which had the code that would grant me entry to my room as well as general parking instructions. When we arrived all we had to do was walk up to our room and claim it.

The nice thing about this (in addition to not needing to talk to anyone) was that we didn’t have to arrive at a specific time. If we were later than expected, no one was being held up.

A Quiet Retreat

One of the highlights of a stay along Canyon Lake is the huge deer population. The Canyon Lake Resort provides its visitors with deer feed, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to see these beautiful creatures up close and personal. Keep an eye out right around dusk and you won’t be disappointed.


Nearby Activities

The Canyon Lake area is well-situated, almost exactly between Austin and San Antonio, near New Braunfels. This leaves you with a lot of different options.

The biggest draw of Canyon Lake itself is, of course, the lake. It offers boating and fishing, swimming and hiking. You could easily spend a weekend exploring its shores.


If you find yourself wanting to explore a bit more, though it’s not a far drive to New Braunfels, San Marcos, or Gruene, all of which have a lot to do. There are plenty of restaurants, caves to explore, and even a drive-through safari wildlife park. You can check out my write-up about things to do in Gruene, Texas for more information on all of these options.

To book a reservation at Canyon Lakeview Resort, click here.

Note: The information in this article represents my honest opinions. I was not compensated by Canyon Lakeview Resort, Groupon, or any other parties mentioned here.


Things to do in Gruene, Texas: a Gruene Christmas
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