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We’re happy to partner with companies and individuals that fit our audience. Established in December of 2013, we help our readers find enriching, educational experiences all around the globe, with a special emphasis on paleontology, geology, and history.

Who We Are

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Jessica (Jessi) Honard and Taormina (Tara) Lepore both have one leg in the travel industry and one in the world of education. Despite this, both have their own, unique areas of expertise.

Jessi is a professional writer with a BA in English and a Masters degree in education. Her time in the world of education has included the formal classroom setting, as well as marketing and curriculum writing positions within local museums. Additionally, she co-owns and operates a copywriting firm.

Jessi’s skills in education, writing and marketing have given her the opportunity to present in front of large groups, develop original educational content, and both write and promote a variety of products and services. Her particular areas of geekery include linguistics, rhetoric, photography and history.

She is also the resident adrenaline junkie, and can be frequently seen giving Tara heart attacks.

Tara is a trained paleontologist who has worked as an educator in public schools and science museums around the U.S. She received her B.S. in biology and her M.S. in museum and field studies, where her research focused on tissue samples within fossilized tyrannosaur droppings (that’s right, she studied dinosaur poop). She has taught anatomy, biomedical science, health science, AP biology, 9th grade biology, and medical terminology to high school students across Houston. Her teaching career promoted a strong focus on project based learning and experiential education.

Currently, Tara is a consultant paleontologist in California, working to help preserve and study paleontological resources found at construction sites. One of her biggest passions is weaving travel with life-long learning, both in her own journeys and to benefit readers of all ages and stripes. She regularly geeks out over black-and-white movies, fossils, epic poetry and Italian food. Her adrenaline rush taps out at indoor rock climbing, or a rousing game of Munchkin.

Editorial Content

Our writing and PR work covers a wide range of topics, but most frequently you will see the following:

Offbeat attractionsExperiential education
State and national parksAdventure activities
Travel adviceMuseums and exhibitions
Historical events & toursTravel products
Educational servicesHiking & camping

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Partnership Opportunities

We have a variety of options available. Each situation is unique, so please contact us at admin[at]outboundadventurer[dot]com with any inquiries and we can discuss your specific needs.

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“The Outbound Adventurer blog is an excellent resource for interested families to find outdoor natural history-focused activities. Tara and Jessi are wonderful to work with, and I would recommend their blog to anyone looking to spread the word about an outdoor experiential education program, or find one to participate in.”
– David Levering, Fort Hays State University, Sternberg Museum of Natural History


“Tara and Jessi love what they do, and that shines through in their work. Their post for Roundabout is just one example of their talents. It is a pleasure working with Outbound Adventurer!”
– Mitja Jus, Roundabout Tours


“I’ve just read your article and it’s great, funny, refreshing and motivating.”
–Tanja Lipovec, Hostel Celica


To make an inquiry, please contact us at admin[at]outboundadventurer[dot]com. Thank you for your interest!